Statzer and Associates have  extensive experience in developing and implementing “fit for purpose” management systems incorporating all critical aspects of your companies operations.  Our approach is to first examine which elements of the  operation are critical to the success of the organization.  We then help to develop just enough structure to assure the entire organization understands the expectations around each of the identified elements.  We also assist the various organizational elements in developing policies and procedures designed to meet the relevant expectations. 

Our team has led this process in companies of all sizes from small two location companies to large multi-nationals and we can help you provide structure to your business without creating a lot of burdensome procedures and paperwork.

Management Systems Development and Implementation

The Statzer and Associates team of highly experienced consultants have assisted clients of all sizes on both the buy and sell sides of  M&A transactions.  Our experience in operations, H,S&E, business risk management, management systems, auditing and due diligence processes, allows us to help you quickly sift through the huge volume of detail and identify those issues that will be critical to making your deal successful.  We can help to value each issue and provide advice on negotiation strategies to maximize the deal value. 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Due Diligence and Strategic Advice

Our team of professionals have led programs in a number of industries aimed at identifying and quantifying key business risks.  These programs focus on narrowing down the universe of risks a business faces to those key areas where constant attention is needed to assure business success.  We have also helped organizations develop tracking, management and mitigation strategies and systems to keep these key risk areas from impacting business results. 

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Business Risk Assessment and Management

Statzer and Associates have been assisting our clients with compliance-related advisory services and compliance audits since the mid-1990's.  Our compliance staff have been senior compliance officers and managers in the energy and chemical industries before joining us and have developed expert knowledge and experience in navigating the waters of regulatory compliance.  Our regulatory compliance audit experience dates back just as far and we have established a track record of successfully assisting clients with verifying and confirming their status of regulatory compliance. 

Auditing and Compliance Assurance

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